Tips For Climbing Sibayak Mountain For Beginners

Tips for Climbing Sibayak Mountain for Beginners - Planning to climb Mount Sibayak in North Sumatra? Read tips on climbing Mount Sibayak first.

If in Java there is Mount Salak called friendly beginner, in North Sumatra there is Mount Sibayak. Both of these mountains have almost the same height, around 2200 meters above sea level.

Sibayak is a mountain located in Tanah Karo Regency, North Sumatra. Included in the type of stratovolcano or active volcano, but safe for anyone to visit.

The name Mount Sibayak is no stranger to the ears of nature activists in North Sumatra. This mountain is also commonly used as the first mountain climbed by beginners. Then, how do we get to Mount Sibayak?

1. Determine your vehicle

To get to Mount Sibayak, which takes around 2 to 3 hours from the capital city of Medan, you can use three choices of vehicles.

First , use public transportation . To use public transportation, you can easily find it at the Medan Post Simpang which is on Jalan Jamin Ginting. 

Buses that can be chosen include Sinabung Jaya, Borneo, Murni, Sumatra Transport (Sutra), the tariff is only 10 thousand rupiahs, make sure to use the right money, not money above ten thousand, sorry the problem is the cheats are rather naughty. 

Then go down in the city of Berastagi and continue the journey to the foot of Mount Sibayak by using public transportation such as angkot or mikrolet named KAMA. The tariff is also 10 thousand rupiah.

Second , you can use a private car . Private cars can be taken up to the first post of Mount Sibayak. Then parked and deposited in the only shop in the first post. Parking costs around 20-30 thousand rupiah. from here you have to walk to the foot of Mount Sibayak.

Third , using a motorcycle . We can carry this vehicle to the foot of Mount Sibayak. At the foot of this mountain or around the helipad there are many blue tent stalls built by residents, selling various warm drinks and instant noodles. 

Beside hike or climbing Sibayak mountain, Bintan travel also provides Lake toba tour package to explore Samosir island and beyond. Other way use motorbikes can be deposited in every parking lot, the parking rates start from 15-20 thousand rupiah per motorcycle. From here you continue trekking for 45 minutes to 1 hour to the top.

2. Want to ride a vehicle? Use tourism routes

His name is also a tourist route, can be traveled with any vehicle. The tourist route to Mount Sibayak is divided into two. 

First via the second city of Berastagi via Doulu Intersection. Both of them have angkot that can take you to the first post of Mount Sibayak at the same rate of 10 thousand rupiah.

To reach the Bamboo route, you have to take the tourist route via the Doulu Intersection. Whereas if you go through the tourist route via the city of Berastagi then you have to pay a levy of 4 thousand rupiah per person and note the names of those who travel through this route.


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